The Longest Summer Holiday Ever

Summer holiday

I hope you have all been enjoying the weather. For once, the UK has had a summer to remember.

I have totally and utterly been making the most of it.

It has been during this summer holiday that I have decided to take a little bit of me time out and just relax.

As we all know, it is not every year that the UK basks in such glorious sunshine.

I have just been enjoying everything that you can do when the weather stays fine and that has also meant doing as little as I can work wise.


As most of you know, I have been blogging non stop for 7 years now and to be honest it has been nice to take a step back from the keyboard.

I love blogging about trading, but this is a chance for me to refuel my batteries and not think about to much for a few weeks.

You can still read all my posts and trading systems whilst I’m chilling out though.

If you’re looking for a system to trade then take a look at the DAX trading system that I wrote. It is still one of my favourite strategies.

I’ll be Back

I’ll of course be back at full steam once the holiday period has finished at the start of September.

From now until then I’ll give you some brief updates as to what I’m doing… (maybe) but on the trading front it is going to be very little.

I am away quite a bit this month too, so the break from serious trading blogging will be useful.

ESMA Rules

Remember, the new ESMA margin rules come into play on the first of August. This means you will need more money to fund each position you open. You can read more here. Personally I’m sick of hearing about it now. Let’s just move on.