The One Thing Review

The One Thing Review

The One Thing Review

The One Thing Review

As you know I have been reading the book The One Thing.

As I approached the final pages yesterday evening, I really appreciated that the book had found its way to me that I knew I had to give it a separate review as I’m sure you will benefit from reading this.


So what’s so great about The One Thing?

It’s in a league of its own is an understatement as far as business/self-help books go. I understand that that’s a bold statement indeed but it is.

The book focuses on your one thing… the one thing that you can do that will help you achieve all that you wish to achieve.

It goes on to show you that by focusing on this one thing, that all the other areas of your life related to this one thing fall in to place.

It’s one of those eureka moments that you occasionally get in life.

Reading it you will notice your brain agreeing with the teachings with a, ahhhhhh yes it’s true, you have been trying to achieve so much that you have achieved less that you should have or could have.

When you realize this it’s like a moment of true enlightenment.

It’s like this “at last, this guy truly understands how to help me get what I want”.


Remember Slight edge?

I mentioned a book called slight edge a while ago. You can read the more here

Slight edge was a good read, and is very true fundamentally. But slight edge was incredibly repetitive. Slight edge did not need to be so many pages long. 75 pages were ample for that book in my opinion.

The receptiveness was boring… even though it certainly sunk in.

However, The One Thing was indeed repetitive in pressing home that you need to concentrate on one thing to achieve more, but I never became bored with the notion.

I think that because I knew before even finishing the book that this concept of The One Thing is/can be a real game changer hearing it mentioned so often only served as encouragement to finishing the book and start practicing the teachings.


The One Thing Review – Researched and proven

The author really knows how to use this concept of the one thing and how it will help you in creating and reaching your goals.

It’s not the same old rehashed techniques that have already be proven to work. The book is not a new take on the old theories.

The One Thing has been put to paper after being used successfully over years and years by the author.

What becomes clear about the author is that he is passionate about the idea. He truly believes in in it, proves the teachings of it and explains clearly how you can use the idea in any area of your life.

There is also a website where you can learn exactly how they researched the content for the book. This is really useful should you find the need to dig into any particular area more thoroughly.


Will benefit any area of your life 

As I was reading through the book, much of my imagery was focused around using the techniques for business and profits… But I also realized that I can easily use this approach in the gym, the home or even really unique personal goals like teaching my dog to do new tricks.


What is the concept?

Thinking BigThe One Thing focuses [very briefly] around asking yourself what the one thing is that you can do to that will make anything else you do secondary.

It is by asking this exceptional question that you will come to answer with and exceptional reply.

Thus helping you achieve extraordinary results.

It’s really very clever and brilliantly sound advice.


Thinking Big

Thinking big is nothing new… In fact there is the classic book titled “The Magic of Thinking Big”

However, the author offers the unique approach to thinking big as ‘Think Big, Go Small” It is in essence an easy way to achieve your goals by using the domino effect.

It’s like, once you reach your first small goal on your way to Your One Thing [big goal] that this process will start the knock on effect with your results.

But here’s the difference…

The author goes onto highlight why reaching your one thing is the start of the journey to truly extraordinary results.

It’s not like… OK you’ve reached your goal… now it’s time to set another.

It’s more like, OK you’ve arrived at your destination now you need to get to the best place in the destination.

One of my favorite quotes from the book sums up the overall idea like this. The author makes you realize that to get what you want from life you need to continually do what matters most…

“If you do what matters most then everything will make sense. If you don’t know what matters most anything will make sense”

He goes on to say that “when you clear the path to success… that’s when you consistently get there.

That’s good advice… and it’s truly concentrating on your one thing that makes all else possible.

In Summary – The One Thing Review

Amazing Book… absolutely a must read if you are serious about achieving more.