Trading Bank Size Binary Options

I have had a lot of emails regarding trading bank size needed for trading binary markets.

You do NOT need a big bank to start making money from trading on

Yesterday I had the briefest of opportunities to trade using one of the strategies from my course.

It is designed to make the most points profit possible with the smallest of banks. It is also designed for those that wish to be actively trading throughout the day.

I used £5 stakes in this example over the space of 25 minutes.

Trading Bank Size Binary Options

Trading Bank Size Binary Options

As you can see, just using £5 stakes I managed to make 5 winning trades on the trot.

If you were using a conservative 5% of your bank to trade, then all you’d need is £100 to get started.

This is what can make binary options a great way to test if trading financials may be your thing.

You have the opportunity to get involved in the markets but also limit your risk drastically and also your start-up capital. This type of approach to trading can really be a great stepping stone for new traders.

There is no point starting to trade binary options with £2000 even if you feel you can afford it. If you are going to make mistakes why lose £100 when you can limit it to £5, especially while you are learning the ropes?

Even though it is very easy to trade binary options, you will more than likely make the odd error here and there. That’s normal and to be expected. But realistically, if you can make 10% on your bank every day, even with the odd slip up here and there, you are doing very well.

Using the above results, I could more than double my £100 starting bank in a week. From there you can just aim to reach a level where you can withdraw winnings daily or weekly.

Keep it simple… start small and learn well.

You can read more about my binary trading system here.