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7 Trading Blogs I Always Read

 Trading Blogs
I’m often asked if I follow any other traders online… of course I do. Although there is only so much anyone can absorb and read on a weekly basis.
When I first started trading I used to try and read everything and anything from so many different trading blogs… anything to gain an edge and a bit more knowledge. Now there are only a few I follow on a regular basis.
You should find at least a couple here that you will be able to take something from. 

The Trading Blogs I Always Read


I like to stay tuned into this because it predominantly UK contributors, written in plain english it is a breath of clean air. I do not take trading advice from any of the writers on the site [other than Vince] I use the the site to keep my eye on the overall picture and stay current.
Sometimes a headline is all you need to read and I like to do that.
You can also use it for a bit of research.

The Naked Trader 

I like this site, I like Robbie Burns. 
You can get some good trading ideas from Robbie and a brief insight into why he has chosen a stock or opened a spread bet. 
You can also research anything that Robbie is trading and do your own evaluation of his positions.
It’s good practice for newbie traders.
I personally like Robbies style of writing as it’s light hearted and often amusing. 

Stock traders Almanac 

I’ve mentioned the stock traders almanac numerous times on the blog. This is one blog that you must read and also one book that every trader must have a copy of. 
The almanac has many statistically sound and proven systems and opportunities that you can incorporate into your trading. 
I also like the way that it is a family business that has been handed down.
I met and spoke with Jeff Hirsch at one of Vince Stanziones seminars. He’s a nice guy and is also very genuine. 
The Stock Traders Almanac is a must.

Morpheus Trading 

I haven’t been reading this blog as long as the others I have mentioned, but it’s a great blog about trading price action and swings.
The blog posts are interesting and informative
There is a little bit to much marketing on the site for me, but that may be something that appeals to you if you decide on this shorter term style of trading.
You can sign up for the alert service and it comes with 30 days free. I have not tried anything that is paid for on the site but the trading strategy is sound.
Also, if you are unsure or even intrigued by trading ETF’s then this is a good place to start your research.

Trading Sim

A thorough day trading blog that i flick back to now and again to see what they are up to. I like the way that they try to explain their chart reading and go to great levels to make sure that nothing is missed.
Again, not everything is free but what is free you’ll be able to take a lot from. 
I like reading the posts from Alton Hill. He seems genuine and has a passion to teach that comes through clearly.
Since starting my day trading system search and development I have used some of the ideas and theories to aid my own research.

Mellon on the Markets 

Not essentially his own blog but you can also follow him on jim mellon has an estimated wealth of over 850 million and is often referred to as the UK’s Warren Buffet.
His ideas and visions are well worth staying up to date with. He is focused on the developing world and the opportunities that may present themselves.
Good stuff.
And last but certainly not least.
I’m a subscriber to Vince’s premium service so read those blog posts, but his main blog is great for the newbie traders. Not full of a million and one strategies to choose and try, but more focused on trading opportunities and a traders mind set. 
Quick tips and videos that can help you understand trading at your own pace.