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Trading Books

Just a quick update… I’m actually in the process of moving at the moment and to say that it is dragging on is an understatement.


A house full of boxes and not much else has become pretty trying on the entire household.


Blogging has had to take a little bit of a back seat while I get sorted… and unfortunately for us we are still waiting to exchange and complete. This was verbally agreed to happen within 3 weeks. And guess what… it didn’t.


However, not one to drag my heels, my family and I managed to get a quick break to Dubai.


The weather was fantastic, service amazing and the sites fantastic.


I have been to Dubai before but was only there for a couple of days. So this time I got to see and do far more.


Although we missed the storms whilst away, we came back to more BS from solicitors and still no completion date… Ahhhhhh. But that’s how moving can pan out.


If we have no forward momentum and positive news by the first week of November, then I will be unpacking and getting set to enjoy Christmas where we are!




The thing about blogging is that you do really need to be focused to be able to write content that is worth reading.


When your mind is not on the ball, writing becomes a chore. I have found that out before… and as much as I have lot’s of mental blog posts that are ready to go and organised, trying to write them at the moment is just not happening.


My office is semi packed, and that is annoying me. My business books are all in boxes along with vast amounts of trading books, information manuals and courses from Vince Stanzione.


Although I can’t read everything all at once, I do love having everything in its place. A clean and tidy uncluttered office is my sanctuary.


On a positive


Fortunately, the one thing that I have been able to do with intensity is chart study and read [new books] that will then need to be packed into boxes… the irony.


I have always enjoyed looking at the charts when trading longer term, I like trying to analyse the patterns and price movements.


Chart study has been something that has become common practice since I started researching day trading. I do really enjoy it too.


Recently I have spotted some interesting trends that will help new and experienced traders add profits to their accounts. I will do a super duper blog post for you in November explaining, or as soon as I know where we are with the house move.


Trading Books


Hedge fund managersOne of the trading books I’m reading at the moment is “More Money than God” it is all about hedge fund managers and how they did what they did and it starts out from the very first of these managers, Alfred Winslow Jones.


From there, it takes you along the history of various hedge fund managers and explains in detail their mind-set and how they made it to the top of their game.


The book is superbly written and I’m enjoying it immensely, check it out here on Amazon.