11 Ways Trading from Home Can Improve Your Life

trading from home

Looking for a good work from home opportunity has many pitfalls… but in all honesty, the most common and certainly what were considered the easiest means of working from home are just not so easy anymore.


eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense have long been the staple for many that wish to leave the rat race.

But that’s changing.


It’s Way More Difficult Today


The problem nowadays is that these forms of income are becoming increasingly complicated options to start from home single handedly.


Amazon for example, are seemingly bringing in so much red tape to clear before you get started selling on their platform, that I can only imagine they are scaring off more new businesses than gaining.


If you are not a tech type of person, and can’t create original content, write adverts, run social media marketing campaigns, import goods from China, handle the shipping in the UK, do your accounts, deal with customers, take product photos, create a listing, learn how to get your products ranked and selling… then Amazon probably wont be for you.


eBay, even though somewhat easier to get started on, still has many areas of complexity to digest and tackle before you start making any kind of regular profits.




Only a few years ago, Google AdSense was considered a mainstream income… but that too has become way harder to make income from.


Consumers are battered online with advertising from every possible angle… so much so that we have become immune to the adverts. This means that the adverts that you use to get commissions are less effective.


Blogging, which is mine and many entrepreneur’s best advice on how to start a new business online has also become harder to profit from. With 2.7 Million blog posts published every day in 2017… how does a new blogger stand out?  It’s difficult. Not undoable… just harder than it used to be.


Why Trading from Home Could be a Good Bet

Trading for a living


When you consider the amount of logistics that need to be addressed before you are even making a sale online, you can see why trading is becoming a far easier option for the modern entrepreneur.


After comparing the pro’s and cons that trading for a living can offer, compared to what other online businesses offer, then I can only see the trend [no pun intended] of new traders continuing to rise.


Here are some of the biggest benefits that trading can offer you if you are thinking about or looking for a way to generate an income online.


It’s easy to start

You don’t need any special equipment to get started. Once you have chosen a broker or spread betting company you are good to go. All the reputable services provide you with the necessary charts that you’ll need.


You Don’t Need Much Capital

Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need mountains of money to start trading. In fact, you can risk far less start up funds deciding if trading is going to be your thing than you can buying stock from China to resell.


A few hundred quid is enough to test the waters out. If you decide that it is not for you, you can just close your account after you have withdrawn your funds.


You Only Need to Rely on Yourself

Unlike the other opportunities I mentioned earlier, with trading you are in control of your own destiny.


I have heard many unfortunate stories of entrepreneurs that have had there selling privileges removed by Amazon and eBay for what can only be considered unfair reasons… basically putting the person out of business quicker than you could say crash!


This never happened to me, but I’ve had my fair share of grievances with these selling channels and it regularly reminded me that you could be out on your ear for the slightest and leanest of issues.


When you think about it, it’s the same as being made redundant without pay or any clear explanation on any random morning that you arrive for work.


Spread betting or trading binary options carry no such hazard.


It Really can be Done from Home

You wont need to go to the post office, petrol station, market, cash and carry, library or any other shop or establishment to trade the markets successfully. Trading from home can genuinely be done on a laptop, in your pyjamas at the kitchen table if you wish.


Weekends are Always Free

With the financial markets and banks being closed from Friday evening until Monday morning, you have all weekend to do as you please. No overtime to do, ever!


No Staff 

Obviously, if you do decide to give trading from home a go, you are never going to need any staff.


This removes the entrapment of asking friends or family for favours.



make money trading

Learning to trade the markets can really free up your time.


Vince Stanzione says that you need no more than 15 minutes a day to make money trading… you know what… he’s totally right.


Of course though, you’ll need a little more time if you’re day trading.


Creates other opportunity’s

The fact that you will have more free time available to you once you do become a successful trader can open the doors to all sorts of other opportunities.


Time to learn new skills and take up hobbies, indulge in subjects that have always interested you, travel, self-improvement, fitness, cooking classes, improving your social life… whatever takes your fancy becomes a realistic possibility.


Discovering the Law of Attraction

It isn’t luck that falls into the laps of successful and happy people; it is more a case of belief creates the world that they live in.


If you start with good foundations and a solid trading strategy, you’ll gain belief in what you are doing and trying to achieve when trading from home; then, the more life will unfold for you. This means getting more of what you want… in our case, trading success.


The angry trader that curses his stupidity and berates his own monitor or iPhone on every loss is mentally attracting more of the same into his life… trading failure.


Start as you mean to go on… Learn well, trade easily.




Winning at anything is obviously more satisfying than losing [for most of us anyway] but winning at trading seems to carry a greater feeling of satisfaction than other successes.


The sheer emotional and psychological fact that you are winning trades and money on a regular basis, that is then compounding from month on month is truly exciting.


The result is true self-satisfaction.



As most of us are striving towards creating more money, then last but certainly not least, the most obvious attraction of trading from home is the financial wealth that it can generate and offer.


The bookshelves and internet are littered with stories and successes of rags to riches investors. It can most certainly be done.


Although I must point out, as I have developed as an individual over the years, I believe that happiness is a far deeper and more soulful state than just being financially rich.


However, I do totally understand where this ideal of financial salvation comes from… after all, I used to think the same.


There is a certain level of financial gain that will undoubtedly lead many to a happier existence. But it is not infinite; more money does not equal more happiness.


Vince Stanzione has declared on numerous occasions that the first couple of million that he made, did most certainly make his life sweeter… after that, he said that nothing else really changed.


In Conclusion


I hope I haven’t gone to spiritual on you and that whatever you want to get from trading for a living you find.


It is worth remembering though that although trading from home can offer many benefits and can enhance your life in many ways… it’s too shallow to assume that money will make your life complete. It might help, and help a lot… but it’s not everything.