Binary Alert Service Trading Results Update

Trading Results Update

Another month has already passed since the last results update from my binary alert service.

Trading Results Update

This last month on my binary alerts service we had a total of 19 trades.

Of those 19 trades 7 were losers.

This means we had a strike rate of 63.1%

Our new balance as of today is £496.30

Giving us a total ROI return on investment of 148.15% to date

You can see from the results that you do not need ridiculously high strike rates to make trading pay. Nor do you need huge starting banks.

Also the results could have been better if I had set my trade to stake instead of payout on the 28th April… also, I set the time to open a trade not accounting for daylight saving hours and had to close it and take a £5.77 loss.

My bag though, and lesson learnt again unfortunately as I have been caught out on the stake/payout issue before… Ohh Rachel.

If you haven’t considered joining my alert service then you can read about it here.

The results may seem slow and steady now… but the compounding of your bank will most certainly make your eyebrows rise over the coming months.

In fact, you’ll find my results beat many sports tipsters services.

Adapted Selections

Also, I have had to change my strategy ever so slightly on these alerts as some subscribers were unable to get the trades on in time. This was affecting their profits and also my morals to my customers.

To rectify this I am sending the alerts out up to an hour earlier so that everyone is trading at the same times. And there is now no rush or irritation to get over to in time.

In fact once you get the alert you can select the time on binary that the trade has to start and then just log back out and forget about it for the day. It couldn’t be simpler.

Trading Results Update