US Election

US Election Trading

US Election

I can’t  believe that we are only weeks away from the seasonal signal trades from Vince… Then comes Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas.

It’s funny too, that the seasonal buy signal is now part of my yearly calendar.

A Trade for my Subscribers

I will be opening a few new trades this coming week. One is a recommendation from Vince and looking at it I can totally see where he is coming from. There’s no sure things in this game, although if ever you could be certain of a trade going in the right direction for you then this might be it. I don’t mean put your house on it, but it’s a good strong opportunity.

Vince has traded various stocks in this sector… you can spread bet them at IG.

Also, I’m going to ask if I can share the information with my list of subscribers. Now this is a long shot… I have no idea if he’ll agree… but if he does then it might be Christmas come early for those that act on the information. Also, from your profits you can buy Vince’s course so essentially you could get the course for free.

As said though, I’ll see what he says.

US Election Trading.

The US elections are almost upon us. Regardless of the outcome, it should bring a bit of steady direction back into the markets.

S&P 500

Historically, the S&P 500 has had only 3 negative years since 1928 during election years.

In fact this year we have seen the S&P up just over 5.91% to date.

So, a simple little flutter on the S&P in comparison to your returns from the bank leaves them[the banks]… well nowhere near.

If 5% a year doesn’t float your boat then you need to get your expectations in check. Although some trades can and do make far more, it’s a great return for not doing anything and having limited knowledge of trading the markets.

Realistically, if you had just half a dozen positions all returning on average a very conservative 5% each year, you could clearly see the benefits of slow steady investing over cash in the bank.



Amazon Sales

I’m building my brand, slowly but surely. In fact, I will eventually have one main brand on Amazon that will then have smaller brands beneath it. So different areas and niches will be branded differently but will all be part of the same group.

The first products listed for sale have been great for getting started and learning the Amazon ropes. These first products are not consumables but they will in future help build brand recognition as we [my partner and I] will have our company logo printed on non consumable products too.

Finding consumables products to profit from is a little harder to do so than finding normal physical products, but the rewards are far greater on consumables in the long run.

Having this mentality will be key to growing the business. We are also going to start another blog that will eventually feed the sales on Amazon.

Football Trading

There are literally hundreds of offers each week for football betting from the various bookmakers.

Accumulators, flat bets, goal scorers, overs, under, correct scores… you name it, there is a no risk offer connected to it.

Arbing these offers might not make you rich but you can absolutely make an easy £20 a day doing them. £600+ a month tax free for a few minutes work each day beats working your rear off doing something else that takes far more effort and time. Think about that.

If you haven’t got it you can get profit maximiser here. It’s the most reliable form of sports betting profits around and you don’t need to rely on any tipsters to do it.

If you wan’t to start your financial spread betting journey you can get Vince Stanzione’s course here.