US Elections – It’s Almost Over

US elections

The US elections are finally coming to the finale.

It has been like watching some sort of bizarre soap opera this time round.

Instead of looking at the values of the candidates, I’ve found myself wondering what is going to happen, reveal itself and make the headlines next… to me at least, this election has a different feel.

Anyhow’s, beside the entertainment value, I’ll still be glad when it’s over.

Brexit and the US elections in the same year has seen me take time out the markets this year.

It’s been hard to trade and call the shots. It’s not a bull or a bear market. There have been winners and losers for sure, as always… but I’ve traded less and used the time to study more.

I have taken on a few of Vince’s suggestions as you know, and rolled over a few longer term trades; but I feel like a lion waiting to pounce at the moment.

I just think that once the elections are over that the markets will be moving one way or the other again with some conviction.

What the US Markets Are Doing

I remember at Vince’s seminar that he played a clip from the Wolf of Wall St.

It’s when they are in the restaurant, before Jordon has become a licensed broker and the head of the firm is explaining how being a broker all works… very funny and makes you wonder if he had something there?

Here’s the clip.

But as we all know from a traders prospective, trends DO exist in the markets; and some good profitable trends will back and easy to trade very soon.

Good time to Start Learning to Trade

If you’re a beginner and are looking to start trading, then this is the ideal time for you to start learning.

You’ll see some stability and clearer trends occurring, and generally find trading easier, at least until the next US elections.

Back to Studying.

As I mentioned earlier, being less active in the markets meant that I had a chance to study more.

This is a funny scenario actually.

When I’m more active in the markets I have been doing less of everything else regarding making money online.

This year I have concentrated far more on learning and creating other opportunities, self development… and so.

This has been a massive or maybe even my biggest result this year. Reading and learning more.

You see, trading doesn’t take long to do. But when you are doing something that works consistently, maybe you get a little complacent to other opportunities? I know I did.

So this year I have been concentrating on building a brand, making money via Amazon and developing my myself.

It’s been great and it has reminded me that trading gives you the chance to make a passive income so that you can create more passive income streams if you wish.

I’m going to start using my time to do so again.

So my One Thing is going to be building an Amazon business.

Of course I have many things going on in my life in different areas. And different areas have different goals. But my one business goal is going to be Amazon as a semi passive income stream.

I’ll still be reading loads and learning along the way. I have started buying paperbacks again, since I mentioned it here… I love books.

A quick glimpse of my Amazon sales for you… Long may they keep compounding.

Amazon sales

Not bad considering that my first stock items cost just over $300 including shipping to the UK.

It has been a learning curve on Amazon though, and I now have a much better understanding of how it all works. I’m now going to be adding products that I have researched for private labelling at a faster rate from here. This will see things grow much quicker.