Vince Stanzione at The Business Show

Vince Stanzione at the business show

The business show is here again at the Olympia London. If you haven’t been before then it’s worth a visit.

For all that is there, I always find only a small percentage [in my opinion] will actually be worth going for. But… it is that percentage that you can take a tremendous amount from. So don’t be put of at the size of the event.

In fact you could probably apply the 80/20 rule to the show. 80% of the show not so relevant to you, 20% of the show right up your street.

Vince Stanzione at The Business Show

As you know, I have been there on a few occasions. And I am not being bias when I say that Vince Stanzione has one of the biggest audiences there.

There are people sat on the floor in there for his hour slot and at least 6 deep standing outside of the presentation area. why? Because this quiet multi-millionaire trader that you’d probably never notice if you walked past him on the street springs to life with passion and delivers an enthusiastic set on how to start making money from home.

Also, if you are thinking of learning to trade or indeed have already started then you’ll also get a chance to speak to him face to face.

In my opinion they need a few more genuine entrepreneurs like Vince there.

In saying that [my little grumble above], you can get a good idea of what is actually going on currently in the business world by walking around the stands and the show can help you create ideas for your own niche business.

Avoid the Hype

2 minute traderDon’t buy into the hype presented there though. The old hat marketing funnel guys like booking line have stands there.

They’ll be Giving away self published books that teach you how to make money doing something that they’re not doing… Giving presentations and pretending to cry all in a bid to convince you that they are genuine because they give to charity. You get my drift!

As it happens, talking about old hat marketing guys, Tim Lowe has bought out a new product called 2 minute trader. Same old, same old promising riches from horse racing trading from bets that cant lose.

Wasn’t this done like 10 years ago? YES… but marketers reinvent the wheel all the time. Last year Tim Lowe was selling football systems, the other month a programme to convert websites to mobile friendly versions, now it’s horse racing.

This is the difference from decent business men like Vince Stanzione and wobbly sales men like Tim Lowe.

Vince has been selling his system for decades. He hasn’t gone from spread betting to poker systems, racing, roulette and so on. He doesn’t offer the next new fad.

That is building proof that something works long term. He is a master of his trade [no pun intended]

2 Minute Trader

Anyway, back to 2 minute trader… the system might work for all I know, in fact I think that I’ll buy it and test it. If it works I’ll let you know, but even if it does I’d be surprised if it is anything new.

At least by doing this I’m not just slating a product because I’m not keen on the marketers behind it.

I’m going to give 2 minute trader a chance. If it is genuine and Tim Lowe can help you make profits from horse racing then you can buy it after the review.

Get Tickets to the Show

So if you fancy a day out, Vince is on at 4pm on Friday 18th November Tickets are free and you can get them here.

A Trade from Vince

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to ask Vince if I could offer my subscribers a trade from his mentorship site. Well… he said yes, so I will send that out to you Monday.