Vince Stanzione Seminar

I have been flat out lately… Selling our current house has been quite stressful and with all the other normal day to day activities blogging has had to take a bit of a back burner. It’s funny, but blogging takes so much more time than trading!

Vince Stanzione has a seminar coming up and I’d love to go combined with a break in London but I’ll decide later if I’m going once we know our move is going through.

So staying on the subject of seminars, and with so many to choose from are seminars worth the money? That depends…

sold_outI have been to my fair share of seminars over the years and one way or another they all had valuable information to share. Some have cost under £50 others over £2000 but the one thing I noticed about seminars and the information being offered was this. Me… The only thing that really had an impact on whatever was on offer was me. Let me explain.

I have mentioned to you before that I wanted to build a brand and become a top level internet marketer. I got well into the idea and used to chat about it with my partner often. We started building up our email lists and writing and studying and going to lots of seminars.

But the problem for me was that whilst at the seminars and although I enjoyed them, I could never really say that my heart was in it. Even though as I have already said, I was really into it, I can honestly say that I was selling the idea to myself more than really wanting to do it.

Even though I could pay £67 for a full day at an internet marketing seminar and get tons of value out of it, the cost was irrelevant. Personally for me I’d rather pay 20 times as much and go to something I loved learning about.

I know I probably can’t build my trading into a brand and empire. But the thing is I do love trading. It totally fascinates me; I still enjoy reading the charts and following my positions. I love knowing that I am developing into a mature trader. I love learning all that I can about trading and the billionaire traders that started with nothing but belief.

Paying a little bit of money for lots of stuff I don’t really want just doesn’t cut it with me. I’d rather pay for Bollinger than make do with Moet.

You need to follow your heart when you are deciding on investing time and money on education. Especially if You can do itmoney is tight! Borrowing money to go to a £5000 seminar in the belief that by this time next year you’re going to be a millionaire because that’s what the sales copy tells you is probably not a good idea.

But if you really really want it bad enough that you’ll do anything to make it happen then for sure you’ll get to that seminar one way or another and make it a success.

So are seminars worth the money? Of course they are and regardless of the ticket price because it’s you that’s the defining factor in the results you’ll achieve after the day has finished.

A true entrepreneur, business man, singer, professional sportsman, actor, millionaire, billionaire, work at home mum or dad makes it work because they had belief they could do it and their heart was in it 100%.

If you remember, I made a bucket load on eBay from a £100 start up, but I hated all the aggro from all the customers. I hated the fact that I could never do enough to please everyone. I hated all the rules and regulations. So much so that I eventually gave it up.

Now there are many people on eBay that have a totally different opinion. They will be far more optimistic about the things I’ve just complained about, and they are the ones that will go on and make a real success of their eBay business. They are the ones that will pay £997 to go to an eBay seminar and milk it for all it’s worth.

As long as you have the same approach, whatever you pay for anything you really want, it will be worth it to you.