Vince Stanzione’s Crypto Currency Seminar

Vince Stanzione's Crypto Currency Seminar

We have finally completed and moved home. In fact, the day after Vince Stanzione’s crypto currency seminar we were unpacking everything in our new place.

Chris made it to the seminar, he said it was the best one that he had ever been to.

I have yet to see the videos of the day… although desperate to watch them, by the Monday after we had moved, we all had colds… by the Tuesday it was more like Flu!

I can’t remember being so rough with a cold… so I can only assume that it was some kind of strain of this Aussie Flu that we have all managed to get.

I wish I had had the flu jab! But I thought no way… that’s for OAP’s. fool!


From what I have taken from the feedback that Chris has relayed to me, the speakers at the seminar think that Crypto trading may well be the biggest snowball for traders since the bubble.

Although I am not surprised at this, what has surprised me is the amount of money that bitcoin can realistically be worth in the next 5 years.

And it’s not only bitcoin that is set for big things… many of the other crypto coins are looking just as promising.

If you are thinking that bitcoin is already overpriced, you need to get real. Cryoto trading is in its infancy. If you always feel like you have missed the boat of opportunity… then this is your chance to jump on at the beginning for once.

I personally think that bitcoin will be worth $50,000 + within the next 10 years. I’ll elaborate on this in my next post. However this figure may be way to conservative.

But there are other coins that you can buy now, for the price of good meal, that could be equally profitable over the coming decade.

I truly believe that crypto’s are the future of money.

Vince Stanzione’s Crypto Currency Seminar

Vince Stanzione has put together a full home study course of the crypto seminar, so if you are interested you can email him here directly to reserve a package.

I do not get anything for recommending you, but you can mention me if you like.

Once I’m back to 100% and this flu has passed, I’ll do another update on crypto’s as I’ll of had time to watch the video’s by then also.