Trump in and Wall Street is Meditating


wall street meditating

Talk about surprised. It’s no wonder Wall Street are looking for ways to relieve stress…

And when you think that Paddy Power settled bets on Hillary Clinton early… the whole thing seems to make little sense.

Glad I considered value betting after all.

But that’s politics I suppose!

You have to wonder how it swung like it did though? I mean from being out the running to gaining complete control. He’s more powerful than Obama.

I mean, President Trump can pass bills on his own which Obama was unable to do.

The World Will Keep Spinning

However, the world will keep going. The markets will trend; business will start… some will flourish whilst others fail. Horses will run races, Chelsea will win the league and Mourinho will… will… ahhhh who cares…

The world will keep spinning as long as there’s a hole in your… um… ozone. The planet is far from revolving around the new president. It’s actually not that big a deal if he’s in or not if you think about it.

I can remember Ronald Regan as president [just] and wondered what the consensus was when a movie star became president? Or when he was running up to the elections? And that turned out OK… sort of.

Wall Street Meditating

Meditation for traders

It did make me smile when I read that Ray Dalio was still continuing to spread the word on Wall Street about meditation. I thought that Wall Street Meditating might come in really useful now that Trump is in.

Anyway, Ray Dalio is considered by many as the worlds greatest hedge fund manager [bridgewater]   and attributes his success to his forty-year practice of Transcendental Meditation

Eight years ago he introduced transcendental meditation to his 750 staff.

Since then the idea has grown, and it’s not only Wall Street Meditating but other business owners and traders are also embracing the benefits of meditation.

Somewhat ironically although not unsurprisingly, meditation and mindfulness has now become big business… raking in over a billion dollars in this last year.

I have mentioned the benefits of meditation to you before in this post

If you’re undecided on meditation as yet, then I can only urge you to look into it further… I think you’ll be surprised.

If not… maybe knowing that a man making $5 million a day and more say’s he owes it all to his practising of meditation since 1969, will give you a bit more encouragement to do so.