What's happening to the dow

What’s Happening to the DOW

What’s happening to the DOW? And the markets in general at the moment…. Well they’re down… that’s all.

Looking at the chart of the DOW over this last year you can clearly see that it has been choppy to say the least.

However… that doesn’t mean we are in for the worst.

What's happening to the dow

From the highs in January 2018 to the low a month later, when it [the DOW] seemed to be in free fall, we then went on and saw a complete recovery to the January highs at the beginning of this month October 2018.

Now what we are seeing is another correction before the markets start to head back up after the midterm elections.

You can also clearly see that the price has perfectly retracted from the January high; this has given us our resistance level/line.

Our support level has been formed at the low points over the year, as you can see; the trend line is still up.

Well that is my theory of what’s happening to the DOW from reading the charts and knowing of the pending US elections.

It’s Not a Straight Line Up

Remember last year, the DOW just seemed to be going up and up. Well it doesn’t keep going like that. There are always ups and downs. Just avoid reading the news and keep to reading the charts.

If we look at the 2015/2016 DOW chart then we can see a similar pattern.

The DOW Chart

The price has hit highs from the start of 2015 and made a low in the August 2015 and then recovered slightly.

We then hit lows again at the beginning of 2016 [January and February] for the price to move up 10000 + points over the following couple of years to date.

What do you think everyone was thinking in January and February 2016? Not much different to what they are thinking now.

DOW up

Opportunities Both Ways

Also, you don’t just make money when the markets are going up. You can short the markets going down with little spread bets. Even using small 25p and 50p per a point can give you decent returns.

If you made on average £75 a week [7.5% with a £1000 bank] then you could double your bank every few months. So even the small guys can get the chance to trade and become a success over time.

Just dodge listening to what the newspapers say and learn to read the charts properly.

Don’t buy into all the doom and gloom. The guys in the know will call the shots way before the newspapers do. However, if you’re not following any of them, then you’ll never know either way… so don’t sweat it.

What’s Happening to the DOW 2019

If you want to know what’s happening to the DOW on a regular basis then the master of reading the DOW is Vince Stanzione.

His advice is phenomenal. At the moment he certainly isn’t hitting any panic buttons so we can be pretty sure that the markets will pick up again.