Where Now

Trading is easy. There really isn’t anything to do more than wait. I’ve said that to you many times before.

Of course, you can beat yourself up continuously whilst trading if you prefer the hard life.

I prefer the easy life.

But in general, you buy/open your position and sell it for a profit.

If your position isn’t going according to plan you sell it for a loss and reinvest.

Since selling all my bitcoin I have being buying what Vince Stanzione has been advising and since last September my account is up just over 20%

Most of those gains have been over the last 3 weeks.

That’s about as hard as trading gets for me.

I follow Vince Stanzione… because he’s awesome at finding markets to trade.


Blogging on the other hand is tough. It really is hard work.

It can take a week to create a quality piece of content. And that content might not even go well. It can get slated and you get deflated.

And as you know, nowadays you HAVE to be into social media to grow your audience online.

I’m not keen on social media… I’m really really not… or is that just because Facebook has turned my stomach for ever? Yes Facebook is awful. It’s all  about ego on there!

Anyway I digress. So as if writing the content wasn’t enough, you then have to do all the Facebook, Insta, YouTube stuff too.

I find doing all that on my own tough going. Especially whilst having family to bring up too.


The Catch

The catch is that I have absolutely loved meeting everyone online.

I’ve met some truly fantastic individuals.

I have laughed out loud at some of my emails and messages. I’ve been upset at others too.

But 99% of my readers have been amazing.


Which way


So Where Now

The question is… So where now??? Where do I go with my blog?

I can’t keep telling you how great Vince Stanzione is and how easy trading is. That’s just boring.

I have written up in depth all the trading systems (all but one as it’s new) that I have used to make money and trade with over the years. You know as much as me now.

I don’t like Facebook so that’s out.

I’m rubbish at video.

I’m too shy to talk at seminars.


New Format

I have to get social! I think that’s the answer. Like it or not!

If I don’t like social media then I need to adapt and learn how to enjoy it at least.

So the one thing I thought I could do is use Twitter.  It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s words.

Twitter is for grown ups… well almost. I don’t find it anywhere near as bad as Facebook anyway. I think it’s social media that I could do.

Could I Tweet what I’m doing, trading, thinking and keep in touch that way?

Could I Tweet trade set ups even?

I was also thinking of revamping the blog. Removing all the old and outdated content. And just leaving all the training material live.

Then I’ll just Twitter away anything that comes up that I think, find or know about. Anything and everything connected to trading, making money online and so on and then link back to the blog.

So that’s what I am looking into at the moment. I don’t want to just disappear after 10+ years of blogging. But I don’t want to bore anyone to death either.

I’m going to buy this book and get stuck in.

I do think it’s time for a change and I think this may well be the right approach.