UK out of EU

Wow we’re out of Europe

out of Europe

I can’t believe that we are out of Europe.

It’s a big step, but I’m happy that it is a result that the British people have decided on together… even though it was very close.

Vince Stanzione was on CNBC yesterday and even he seemed sure that the UK was going to stay in the EU.

Out of Europe

I absolutely did not expect us to leave. I didn’t think the UK was in a bad position at all.

However, I’m excited to see how the exit will bring the british closer together as a country.

As a trader I’m glad that I was out of most of my positions since May. I can now reevaluate and decide on what trades to take next over the course of the summer.

I’ve managed to snatch a few points here and there over the last couple of weeks, mainly due to silver’s  gains today. Phew.

Although my stakes have been small I have found all the uncertainty in the markets stressful, especially as I have been trying to solve the day trading mystery during this period.

I will however get back to that challenge again once the markets become less volatile.

Trading Opportunities

For anyone that has been on the fence about trading, now is the time to start learning.

As the world get’s used to the UK being out of Europe,  opportunities will present themselves. So start now by learning to paddle and you’ll be ready for October when the big waves come again.

Of course there are opportunities today, but I’m taking a back seat. You may decide otherwise.

I have no definite views on where the UK will go from here or how we will adjust, other than the fact that we will.

Things may be rocky briefly and over the short term but I feel it is now time to make this decision work for the British people. I’m sure it will.

One thing is for sure though and that is that holidays may prove pricey this year with the GBP weakened… so let’s hope for a good summer.

Also the post I had been writing this week will have to be finished for this coming week. As telling you all about hedge funds doesn’t seem to fit quite right today.